Top tips for revision


Did you know that only 72% of students actually revise when it comes to their GCSE exams? That leaves 28% unprepared students taking an exam which could possibly predict their future. Could this be to a lack of support? Or is it the fact that students don’t have a clue what to do when it comes to revision? This article is about tips and ways to revise when it comes to these dreaded exams.

Tip 1: Make a plan.                                     

Create a timetable and set a day for each subject but be sure to give yourself a hard earned break in-between, such as taking a 5 minute walk.

Tip 2: Understand, don’t memorise.

You’re more likely to be successful by understanding a subject than just trying to learn something new and not understanding it at all.

Tip 3: Don’t be afraid to ask for help.

Ask a teacher or a close friend to test you on questions about the subject.

Tip 4: Stay focused and avoid revision the night before.

Revising the night before can stress you out, relax and get a good nights sleep. focus on the parts you know on the exam day, not the ones you don’t.

Tip 5: Get rid of all distractions.

Put down your phone and step away from your Xbox because these will not help you when it comes to your exams. Get comfy and revise whichever subject you feel you want to revise.

by Charlotte and Chloe


Fighting Cyber Bullying by Charlotte and Chloe

Taken from the BBC School News Report Website

Taken from the BBC School News Report Website

7 out of 10 students have been bullied. In fact, 37% of students are regularly bullied. Cyber bullying is one of the most prevalent forms of bullying for our generation and it’s on the rise. But, do teens actually know how to tackle this issue?In this article, we will be raising people’s awareness about cyber bullying and speaking to various people in our school about this topic.

Cyber bullying is when people are abusive towards others using a digital device. This can involve abusive texts or online messages, embarrassing others through social media by posting images of them without their permission and passive aggressive status’ clearly targeting individuals. When asking students around school we discovered that there are three main websites which are prone to cyber bullying. These are, Facebook and Twitter. A group of year 10 students particularly commented on their concerns of which is a social media site allowing people to ask other anonymous questions. Unfortunately it’s being used for the wrong reasons, instead of trying to get to know others, some people are using it as a breeding ground for hate. These year 10 students felt that cyber bullying such as this example, happens because there is a screen for people to hide behind, and also they have been victims of bullying themselves.

So, how could you identify cyber bullying in your friends and others? Does your friend or a member of your family tend to stay off their laptop or mobile? Do they tend to quickly click off a website when you’re around? If so, they may be having online problems. You can support your friends or family by reporting it to senior member of staff or older family members. Even reassuring them they are not alone is great support and can help more than you may realise.

So what can we as a school do to conquer cyber bullying? Our anti-bullying coordinator Ms. Busby says she would love to do workshops to make people aware about the facts and signs of bullying so that we can start to develop our understanding of it? As well as this Ms. Busby offered us a top tip: never reply to negative comments, always report it straight away.

As young people who have experienced cyber bullying, we have some questions for you to think about – Do you really need that social media account? Do you really want or need these people on your profile? If these answers are ‘no’ then why are you putting your selves in the danger of being targeted? Keeping your profile private is a really effective way of preventing cyber bullying from developing as well as only accepting friend requests from people that you know.

If you feel that you need to talk to someone, here at ARK Kings Academy, we are lucky to have an amazing service called Place2Be where our students can go and openly talk about their problems, and get the support they need. More widely, if you need support from your school, then it will be out there, so don’t be afraid to use it! by Chloe and Charlotte

Regenerating our Community by Lois and Beth


Hello, we are reporting from ARK Kings Academy. We are going to be discussing the regeneration of the 3 estates in our community of Kings Norton which are, Pools Farm, Primrose and Haweksley.

So, why are we regenerating the area?

We talked to a woman from Birmingham City Council called Bali about the project. She explained to us why the area is being regenerated ‘We want to bring back pride to the local area. We want people to want to live here. ‘ Bali told us that after a meeting with the local community, over 90% of people wanted to see a big change to the local area. They wanted to see new houses, better education and improved health. They also said that they wanted a supermarket so that they can have a bigger choice of food and more opportunities for jobs in the area.

How are they going to do it?

The Council are going to demolish 876 properties and build over 1,000 houses. The community’s wishes have also been granted regarding a new supermarket, which will be built on Redditch Road, bringing a great deal of jobs to the area. A new park is also going to be built somewhere in the three estates, which will mean there is more to do in the local community.

We asked some students what they think about the regeneration project. Shannon, Kira and Cameron in year 7 said that it’s a good idea because it’s bringing positive change to the community and it will look a lot cleaner, and make it a better place to live.

Overall, we think that the regeneration programme is a very good idea for generations to come. The future of the 3 estates in Kings Norton looks very bright!

ARK Kings Academy Football Report by Reiss and Jordan

Screen Shot 2014-03-27 at 14.42.38Hello I’m Reiss and this Jordan and we are here today at Ark Kings Academy to report to you all about our school football team. Today our boys face Balaam Wood Academy (formally Frankley). As we look on to today the fixture me and Jordan both took the time to take a few interviews with some members of our football team.

We first interviewed our captain Aaron, Aaron believed that we could win this game 7-0 because of our last meeting when we beat them 6-1 so this time he is looking for a clean sheet, and that the football team would need to pass and move to tire out the defence in order to win this game. Aaron also quoted that it would be nice if we as a school could win the cup.

We then got the chance to interview the Ark Kings Academy manager Mr Vinten, were he said the team have grown up massive they are playing much more as a team and that there the only reason he gets up. He quoted that his team are a wonderful credit and that is very, very proud of them all especially being in the last 16 in the English cup this year. Finally he predicted that the score would end 4-0 to Ark Kings.

We finally got the chance to interview our assistant manager Mr Cropper former Sheffield Wednesday player, where with the experience of playing football he also thought that the team have grown massively and have a huge aspect in sport. He also said that the advice he’d give the players would be to enjoy that game and play to the best of their ability: try your best. His final prediction for the final score was to be 3-0 Ark Kings and the goal scorer being Reiss to Score a hat trick.

This has been Reiss and Jordan reporting from Ark kings Academy for the build up of what should be a brilliant and entertaining game. Thank you and have a good evening goodbye.

by Reiss and Jordan

Band Musicianship by Cameron and Shannon

Screen Shot 2014-03-27 at 14.36.26

In Ark Kings Academy we are doing project called band musicianship. It lets you develop your musical potential.

Nathan Portlock is the specialist teacher appointed to lead on guitar skills. He said:

“It’s great to be involved in such a ground-breaking initiative. I’ve worked in music education for over seven years and I’ve never come across a school programme like this. It’s exciting because it will provide every pupil aged 11 to 13 with a place where they can learn to compose, collaborate, play and even record new original music. Too often musical interventions in learning are short term affairs that target a small number of pupils. This approach is going to create healthy competition across the entire year group. It is said that talent is universal but opportunity isn’t – not at ARK Kings!”

All students will take part in a band slam in the summer which will showcase their work to parents, friends, teachers and other students.

In addition, students at ARK Kings will be taking part in the annual ARK Schools Music Gala in the summer which brings together students from all ARK schools to play at a special concert at the world-renowned Barbican Centre in London

Paul Bull, Head of Music at ARK Kings, said: “I’m delighted that we are introducing the band musicianship programme at ARK Kings Academy. This is a unique programme which will give our students a wonderful opportunity to learn several new instruments, develop their music skills and build their confidence. At ARK Kings we are committed to providing the best possible musical education. Music is a life skill that can open new doors and expand the horizons of our most talented young people.”

by Cameron and Shannon

Teachers Striking in the UK by Harriet

Hello, today I am going to speak to you about the teachers strike. We interviewed Mr Jackson, a PE teacher at ARK Kings Academy, about the strikes.

Q. Why are teachers striking?

A. Teachers are striking because they want to protect their pay and pensions.

Q. Is it causing problems?
A. It is causing disruption in schools, but that is what is needed so that we are heard. The unions are also arguing against the government about our pay and pensions.

Q. Have you ever been on strike?
A. Yes, when teachers strike, some of them attend rallies in the city to voice their concerns about the future of their job,

Q. What is the outcome of the strike?
A. It caused disruption and that teachers dislike it. Teachers dislike disruption but striking is the only way to set our message across to the government.

So, teachers are unhappy with Mr Gove and what he is doing to their pay and pension. And that is why teachers are striking.

by Harriet

Safety in the Community by Sherlicia and Whitney

Screen Shot 2014-03-27 at 11.43.47

In the community, one of the most pressing issues and local concerns are about road safety and being street wise. Approximately 7,807 children were either injured or killed on roads in Britain last year which shows the importance of staying safe on the streets.

Issues and concerns that have been raised by the local community include, inappropriate parking, excessive speed and safety on the streets. These are dealt with using the local police and educational visits to school. Our school works closely with the police in the local community. The leaders of our school meet almost weekly with local police officers to discuss events happening in the local area and to come up with action plans about how to increase our safety.

This is positive and advantageous as it ameliorates the relationship between the police and community, building a platform for people to talk about local safety issues.

Salma, a student at Ark Kings Academy has commented on her concerns about safety in the community especially people running across roads and cycling on pavements. Another student Halla commented that, “it’s great to have a crossingn warden but since most schools finish at 3pm, theory are only there till that time, but by the time we finish at 4pm, they are gone.”

We spoke to a local police officer about safety in the community. He said:

“A new course of action is to confront drivers by using speed guns but also using little children to speak to speeders to them, which is very impactful to the driver because a lot of time, these children have been victims of a lack of safety on the roads.”

This highlights that safety in the community is a priority for our local police officers and is essential if we are to feel happy on our streets.

by Sherlicia and Whitney