Hatching for Schools Project by Hayleigh

Mr Bagley, Ryan Bird, Hayleigh Groves, Cameron Pedley, Byron-Douglas Freeman and our Principal Mr Punton

Mr Bagley, Ryan, Hayleigh, Cameron, Byron and our Principal Mr PuntonOne of our new arrivalsOne of our new arrivals

The 28th February was the day when the chicks arrived at our school. There were 9 chick eggs and only 7 of them eventually hatched. The first chick hatched on the 3rd March and that chick was a girl called Thunder because it is loud and stubborn. The last one was called Lightening because is can run fast and gets along with Thunder. Nurture at ARK Kings Academy was very welcoming to the new arrivals and the school has been welcoming too. There is one boy that called his chick his son and has named it Redwing.

All of the chicks have got different things about them that we love. But what we love about them most is that they are all different and we can tell which one is ours because they know who we are. Hopefully one of our teachers will take some of the chicks home. If they do, then we will know that they are going to a good home and they will be looked after in the future. The chicks will be going to the farm on 13th March. Hopefully Mr Horner will take them home because he is a good person to look after the chicks and chickens.

The school will be sad to see them leave but we wish them all the best.

By Hayleigh


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