ARK Kings Academy Football Report by Reiss and Jordan

Screen Shot 2014-03-27 at 14.42.38Hello I’m Reiss and this Jordan and we are here today at Ark Kings Academy to report to you all about our school football team. Today our boys face Balaam Wood Academy (formally Frankley). As we look on to today the fixture me and Jordan both took the time to take a few interviews with some members of our football team.

We first interviewed our captain Aaron, Aaron believed that we could win this game 7-0 because of our last meeting when we beat them 6-1 so this time he is looking for a clean sheet, and that the football team would need to pass and move to tire out the defence in order to win this game. Aaron also quoted that it would be nice if we as a school could win the cup.

We then got the chance to interview the Ark Kings Academy manager Mr Vinten, were he said the team have grown up massive they are playing much more as a team and that there the only reason he gets up. He quoted that his team are a wonderful credit and that is very, very proud of them all especially being in the last 16 in the English cup this year. Finally he predicted that the score would end 4-0 to Ark Kings.

We finally got the chance to interview our assistant manager Mr Cropper former Sheffield Wednesday player, where with the experience of playing football he also thought that the team have grown massively and have a huge aspect in sport. He also said that the advice he’d give the players would be to enjoy that game and play to the best of their ability: try your best. His final prediction for the final score was to be 3-0 Ark Kings and the goal scorer being Reiss to Score a hat trick.

This has been Reiss and Jordan reporting from Ark kings Academy for the build up of what should be a brilliant and entertaining game. Thank you and have a good evening goodbye.

by Reiss and Jordan


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