Band Musicianship by Cameron and Shannon

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In Ark Kings Academy we are doing project called band musicianship. It lets you develop your musical potential.

Nathan Portlock is the specialist teacher appointed to lead on guitar skills. He said:

“It’s great to be involved in such a ground-breaking initiative. I’ve worked in music education for over seven years and I’ve never come across a school programme like this. It’s exciting because it will provide every pupil aged 11 to 13 with a place where they can learn to compose, collaborate, play and even record new original music. Too often musical interventions in learning are short term affairs that target a small number of pupils. This approach is going to create healthy competition across the entire year group. It is said that talent is universal but opportunity isn’t – not at ARK Kings!”

All students will take part in a band slam in the summer which will showcase their work to parents, friends, teachers and other students.

In addition, students at ARK Kings will be taking part in the annual ARK Schools Music Gala in the summer which brings together students from all ARK schools to play at a special concert at the world-renowned Barbican Centre in London

Paul Bull, Head of Music at ARK Kings, said: “I’m delighted that we are introducing the band musicianship programme at ARK Kings Academy. This is a unique programme which will give our students a wonderful opportunity to learn several new instruments, develop their music skills and build their confidence. At ARK Kings we are committed to providing the best possible musical education. Music is a life skill that can open new doors and expand the horizons of our most talented young people.”

by Cameron and Shannon


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