Fighting Cyber Bullying by Charlotte and Chloe

Taken from the BBC School News Report Website

Taken from the BBC School News Report Website

7 out of 10 students have been bullied. In fact, 37% of students are regularly bullied. Cyber bullying is one of the most prevalent forms of bullying for our generation and it’s on the rise. But, do teens actually know how to tackle this issue?In this article, we will be raising people’s awareness about cyber bullying and speaking to various people in our school about this topic.

Cyber bullying is when people are abusive towards others using a digital device. This can involve abusive texts or online messages, embarrassing others through social media by posting images of them without their permission and passive aggressive status’ clearly targeting individuals. When asking students around school we discovered that there are three main websites which are prone to cyber bullying. These are, Facebook and Twitter. A group of year 10 students particularly commented on their concerns of which is a social media site allowing people to ask other anonymous questions. Unfortunately it’s being used for the wrong reasons, instead of trying to get to know others, some people are using it as a breeding ground for hate. These year 10 students felt that cyber bullying such as this example, happens because there is a screen for people to hide behind, and also they have been victims of bullying themselves.

So, how could you identify cyber bullying in your friends and others? Does your friend or a member of your family tend to stay off their laptop or mobile? Do they tend to quickly click off a website when you’re around? If so, they may be having online problems. You can support your friends or family by reporting it to senior member of staff or older family members. Even reassuring them they are not alone is great support and can help more than you may realise.

So what can we as a school do to conquer cyber bullying? Our anti-bullying coordinator Ms. Busby says she would love to do workshops to make people aware about the facts and signs of bullying so that we can start to develop our understanding of it? As well as this Ms. Busby offered us a top tip: never reply to negative comments, always report it straight away.

As young people who have experienced cyber bullying, we have some questions for you to think about – Do you really need that social media account? Do you really want or need these people on your profile? If these answers are ‘no’ then why are you putting your selves in the danger of being targeted? Keeping your profile private is a really effective way of preventing cyber bullying from developing as well as only accepting friend requests from people that you know.

If you feel that you need to talk to someone, here at ARK Kings Academy, we are lucky to have an amazing service called Place2Be where our students can go and openly talk about their problems, and get the support they need. More widely, if you need support from your school, then it will be out there, so don’t be afraid to use it! by Chloe and Charlotte


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