Regenerating our Community by Lois and Beth


Hello, we are reporting from ARK Kings Academy. We are going to be discussing the regeneration of the 3 estates in our community of Kings Norton which are, Pools Farm, Primrose and Haweksley.

So, why are we regenerating the area?

We talked to a woman from Birmingham City Council called Bali about the project. She explained to us why the area is being regenerated ‘We want to bring back pride to the local area. We want people to want to live here. ‘ Bali told us that after a meeting with the local community, over 90% of people wanted to see a big change to the local area. They wanted to see new houses, better education and improved health. They also said that they wanted a supermarket so that they can have a bigger choice of food and more opportunities for jobs in the area.

How are they going to do it?

The Council are going to demolish 876 properties and build over 1,000 houses. The community’s wishes have also been granted regarding a new supermarket, which will be built on Redditch Road, bringing a great deal of jobs to the area. A new park is also going to be built somewhere in the three estates, which will mean there is more to do in the local community.

We asked some students what they think about the regeneration project. Shannon, Kira and Cameron in year 7 said that it’s a good idea because it’s bringing positive change to the community and it will look a lot cleaner, and make it a better place to live.

Overall, we think that the regeneration programme is a very good idea for generations to come. The future of the 3 estates in Kings Norton looks very bright!


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