Safety in the Community by Sherlicia and Whitney

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In the community, one of the most pressing issues and local concerns are about road safety and being street wise. Approximately 7,807 children were either injured or killed on roads in Britain last year which shows the importance of staying safe on the streets.

Issues and concerns that have been raised by the local community include, inappropriate parking, excessive speed and safety on the streets. These are dealt with using the local police and educational visits to school. Our school works closely with the police in the local community. The leaders of our school meet almost weekly with local police officers to discuss events happening in the local area and to come up with action plans about how to increase our safety.

This is positive and advantageous as it ameliorates the relationship between the police and community, building a platform for people to talk about local safety issues.

Salma, a student at Ark Kings Academy has commented on her concerns about safety in the community especially people running across roads and cycling on pavements. Another student Halla commented that, “it’s great to have a crossingn warden but since most schools finish at 3pm, theory are only there till that time, but by the time we finish at 4pm, they are gone.”

We spoke to a local police officer about safety in the community. He said:

“A new course of action is to confront drivers by using speed guns but also using little children to speak to speeders to them, which is very impactful to the driver because a lot of time, these children have been victims of a lack of safety on the roads.”

This highlights that safety in the community is a priority for our local police officers and is essential if we are to feel happy on our streets.

by Sherlicia and Whitney


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