Teachers Striking in the UK by Harriet

Hello, today I am going to speak to you about the teachers strike. We interviewed Mr Jackson, a PE teacher at ARK Kings Academy, about the strikes.

Q. Why are teachers striking?

A. Teachers are striking because they want to protect their pay and pensions.

Q. Is it causing problems?
A. It is causing disruption in schools, but that is what is needed so that we are heard. The unions are also arguing against the government about our pay and pensions.

Q. Have you ever been on strike?
A. Yes, when teachers strike, some of them attend rallies in the city to voice their concerns about the future of their job,

Q. What is the outcome of the strike?
A. It caused disruption and that teachers dislike it. Teachers dislike disruption but striking is the only way to set our message across to the government.

So, teachers are unhappy with Mr Gove and what he is doing to their pay and pension. And that is why teachers are striking.

by Harriet


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