The Storms and Floods Battering Britain by Shannon and Kira


Hello we are reporting from ARK Kings Academy. Today we will be talking about storms and flooding, the disruption they cause and the reasons behind the rise of extreme weather.

For the past couple of months there has been a series of severe floods and storms that have been causing disruption across the country. The south of England has been particularly badly affected, with Harriet, one of our Year 8 students, experiencing a hurricane when on holiday in Bognor Regis.

We asked Harriet a series of questions about her experience of the hurricane. Harriet reported that it started off as strong winds and you could hear it against the caravan and then it grew bigger. Eventually a huge tree fell down and went through the roof of the caravan. We then asked Harriet how she felt while it was happening and this is what she said “I felt very scared!”

Understanding the causes of extreme weather

We then interviewed the Geography teacher Mr.Walker to we ask him how storms affect the UK today? He reported “because of the climate change we’ve had bad storms and its making a lot of floods which cost a lot to repair. Some people have even lost electricity for over 24 hours and have been unable to cook food, whilst in wales a train nearly got washed off the rails because of the weather.”

We then asked him how bad can a flood get in the uk? He reported “it depends where you are. If its flat ground it isn’t that bad but if it is a serious flood most places will get wrecked”.

The last question we asked Mr Walker was whether he had ever been in a bad storm and, if so, where? He reported back saying “I haven’t been in a very bad storm but I have driven during a heavy rain shower that almost caused me to crash”.

From our reporting it is clear that storms are going to be a feature of our lives for many years to come.

by Shannon and Kira



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