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Top tips for revision


Did you know that only 72% of students actually revise when it comes to their GCSE exams? That leaves 28% unprepared students taking an exam which could possibly predict their future. Could this be to a lack of support? Or is it the fact that students don’t have a clue what to do when it comes to revision? This article is about tips and ways to revise when it comes to these dreaded exams.

Tip 1: Make a plan.                                     

Create a timetable and set a day for each subject but be sure to give yourself a hard earned break in-between, such as taking a 5 minute walk.

Tip 2: Understand, don’t memorise.

You’re more likely to be successful by understanding a subject than just trying to learn something new and not understanding it at all.

Tip 3: Don’t be afraid to ask for help.

Ask a teacher or a close friend to test you on questions about the subject.

Tip 4: Stay focused and avoid revision the night before.

Revising the night before can stress you out, relax and get a good nights sleep. focus on the parts you know on the exam day, not the ones you don’t.

Tip 5: Get rid of all distractions.

Put down your phone and step away from your Xbox because these will not help you when it comes to your exams. Get comfy and revise whichever subject you feel you want to revise.

by Charlotte and Chloe


KS3 Enrichment Day Build Up! by Caitlin and Amy


We all know how exciting Enrichment days are…and there’s another one soon! So are you in Year7 or 8? If so your Enrichment activity is The Popcorn Challenge, in which you will explore popcorn flavours and design packaging for it, just like you’re running your own popcorn company! Year 9’s excited? Your enrichment activity is… Adventure Rope Course, where you will be challenged to the maximum.

So what do you think Enrichment day will be like? One said it will be ‘a brilliant day!’ whilst others said it will be ‘exciting’. We think it will be thrilling and a challenging day. Stay tuned for more exciting details on what we get up to.

by Caitlin and Amy

Aspire Goes Online!

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The first issue of Aspire was published in December

Last autumn term we started an after-school Newspaper Club here at ARK Kings Academy in Birmingham.

The idea behind the club was simple. Students would work together to plan, write and print a newspaper which would showcase life at ARK Kings from a student’s perspective. In the newspaper you would find celebrations of our successes, a look back at exciting events we have taken part in and opinions from students on the big (and not so big) issues of the day.

We decided to call the newspaper Aspire after our school’s motto, ‘Aspire, Expect, Achieve’. Every week students met up under the supervision of Ms Drayton. The end result of all this effort was the first issue of the newspaper, which we published just ahead of the Christmas break.  You can read the first issue of Aspire by visiting the ARK Kings academy website.

Big Plans for 2014

We’ve got big plans for Aspire in 2014. Our aim is to publish a new issue of Aspire every term and to encourage contributions from a wide range of students from all Years and Forms.

We know that  the newspaper industry is changing rapidly and we want to make sure Aspire reflects these changes. More of us than ever before are consuming news online, whether on a PC, our mobile phones or a tablet. For this reason we have set up this website, which will exist alongside our once-a-term print newspaper.

We also know the news is made is also changing. News stories increasingly start off on, or are shaped by, discussions on social media sites such as Facebook. Journalists are also more likely to work with large sets of data and use photos, videos and sound to tell stories in ways that are exciting and informative. In the months to come you can expect to see videos from YouTube, photos from Instagram and audio from Audioboo featured in Aspire.

Get Involved!

Aspire is all about giving students of ARK Kings Academy a voice. Aspire can’t exist without you. We want you to get involved in whatever way you can so that Aspire goes from strength to strength. Even if you don’t fancy the idea of writing for Aspire, there are plenty of important and fun ways to help out, including:

  • Giving your feedback on the first issue of Aspire and how we can make it even better.
  • Suggesting ideas for what stories we should feature in Aspire.
  • Sharing with us any photos or videos you have taken at school events.
  • Helping more people discover Aspire by handing out copies of the newspaper and sharing the online edition with friends and family through Facebook

The Newspaper Club meets after school (4 – 5 pm) every Thursday in classroom 3-1. Please come along to find out more or speak to Ms Drayton.